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(צילום:נורית מוזס)

Touring the Netanya market

Get to know the Netanya market through the tastes, smells and people that set it apart.

The Netanya market has maintained its character and authenticity, and remains a real and colorful gem in the heart of the city of Netanya. On tours we will get to know all parts of the market, enjoy the unique atmosphere, the fresh ingredients, the restaurants and stalls, and the delicacies that can only be found here.

I invite you to spend with me an experiential day of tasting, shopping and cooking in the heart of the market.

בואו נעשה שוק

Get to know the market

When I was a kid, the city market was * the most vibrant * place * in town.

Everyone came to buy vegetables and fruits at the market, and came out with loaded carts and full baskets.

Gradually we became "America" ​​and our shopping shifted to retail chains and air-conditioned writers, whose merchandise does not change all year round.

Especially now, when we all want to go back to the sources and restore as much as possible of the traditional and correct customs of life - this is exactly the right time to return to the market as well. Experience the seasons, smell the earth, taste traditional delicacies from the old stalls, and strengthen our connection to the community, agriculture and health.

The Netanya market is one of the oldest markets, which over the years and to this day has maintained its authenticity and special colors. Dozens of traders and stalls of vegetables, fruits, spices, fish, nuts, traditional foods, housewares and more and more. Everyone is waiting for you, with a wide smile and good advice, ones that you will hear and meet only in the market.


So bring a cart or basket, and come wander with me through the market aisles, taste, smell, experience and enjoy.

זאת אני
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That's me

Nice to meet you, I'm Hila

Resident of Hasharon for about 15 years, fond of good food and quality raw materials.

I am an expert in healthy nutrition and healthy cooking, lead cooking workshops and cooking classes, accompany and guide families to change their eating habits at home, food blogger and recipe developer.

The basis for proper nutrition for me is quality raw materials. As many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible, good spices, natural products and lots of love. For me, a visit to the market is entertainment for the heart and soul, inspiration for new flavors and recipes, and a real connection to nature and the community.

I visited the market hundreds of times, came back with the kids and friends, recommended hundreds (and maybe thousands) of customers to visit it for themselves, until I realized I wanted to spend as much time in the market as possible, with you. Lead you around the market, get to know it through my eyes, and re-experience it through your eyes.


Booking a culinary tour

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