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Get to know the market

About 15 years ago, I moved to the Sharon area, without knowing it in depth. Gradually I got to know more and more interesting places, following recommendations and referrals from friends. I was repeatedly recommended the Netanya market, but at first I was not convinced. I preferred to buy vegetables and fruits at the jade. Especially then, as a mother of small children, I thought to myself: what should I look for in a crowded and crowded market?

It took me a few years, until finally, on my third maternity leave I decided to go to the market. Me, a small baby and a stroller drove to Netanya, to the market.

Wow !!!

From the moment we entered the main street, I did not believe that a real market could look like this. On the one hand the most authentic, colorful, colorful and happy "market", and on the other hand - spacious, clean and comfortable, with the nicest and most welcoming people there are.

I immediately fell in love. I started coming to the market every week.

Slowly I got to know the merchants, the stalls, and the atmosphere of the market. I learned from whom it is best to buy what, and I learned to wait for the peak of the season of every vegetable and fruit.

On each visit the market fills my cart with great vegetables and fruits, spices, nuts, fresh fish and what not. But more than that - fills my heart with joy, inspiration to cook and create, and love.

Come meet and fall in love like me in the Netanya market.

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